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The sustainable material of choice

The aluminium industry is constantly improving how it operates, manufacturing products in order to improve environmental efficiency. 

As a result of this, builders, housing developers, architects, and many more decision makers in the industry are turning to aluminum as their sustainable material of choice. 

Choosing aluminium as a building material means you’re opting for an infinitely recyclable material, which is working towards net zero goals. It’s also a popular choice due to its high performance and durability. 

According to Architecture and Design, aluminium is used in approximately 74% of residential properties. Aluminium is usually more versatile than timber and can be used for more complicated designs at larger sizes. 

Although the industry is evolving and developing, there are still significant opportunities for aluminium to be a material of choice for a number of upcoming housing development projects. Particularly those that are aiming to work towards a greener, more environmentally friendly industry. 

Future green policies provide opportunities for aluminium and it’s essential that the aluminium sector demonstrates its sustainability.

Sustainability is now a key factor when choosing construction materials. Aluminium windows and doors certainly match the expectations of architects, whilst also being fit for purpose. 

If your clients are looking for sustainable and recyclable materials without compromising on quality, performance and aesthetics, aluminium is the ideal choice. 

  • 100% recyclable
  • 3rd most raw material on earth
  • Extracted from the ground, without any environmental impact
  • Any offcuts produced by FrameX are recycled.
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