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Product Quality Check List

Quality Control

Quality control is simply a non-negotiable when it comes to ‘The FrameX Way’. We’re proud of all the products we fabricate and manufacture in-house. Because of the pride we take in our work, each unit we create undergoes rigorous and strict quality control. From operations to functionality, we really put our products through the wringer.

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Quality Assurance

Throughout our in-house manufacturing process, we ensure that each and every individual is aware of our inspection processes and the regulations that we adhere to. Our fabricators have years of experience, giving them a quick eye for detail. Each element and feature of our units are quality assured at every stage.

The FrameX Way

Meeting customer requirements is an essential part of your job – and ours. We have nine key objectives we follow to ensure you meet deadlines and offer the quality your clients expert. This is ‘The FrameX Way’.

How we work

Fully equipped manufacturing facilities

We like to stay ahead of the curve, which is why we invest in the latest technology and machinery to ensure we can create some really stellar products. Our fully equipped, 15,000 sqft manufacturing facilities help us do just that

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Want to see our products in action? Our state-of-the-art showroom is full to the brim with all the latest designs and configurations of our aluminium range. Perfect for bringing your clients along or just to see for yourself.


We focus on limiting waste and recycling where possible when manufacturing our aluminium products. We know sustainability is important to many of our customers too.

Competitive lead times

Project turnaround time is essential for keeping clients happy. When suppliers delay projects, it can be difficult to explain this (without looking like you’re making excuses!). At FrameX, we keep our lead times competitive, so you can meet your deadlines.

High-quality products

Nothing is more important than the quality of our products. As an architect, tradesperson, or property developer, you’re putting your reputation on the line with the products you choose. Make sure they come from a supplier you can trust.

Skilled operatives

Alongside our fully equipped factory, we have highly skilled operatives, producing aluminium products to your exact specifications. Our quality control is also second-to-none, putting our products through their paces to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered.

Aluminium specialists

When it comes to aluminium, we know exactly what we’re looking for. We have reliable suppliers to ensure we have a steady stream of high-quality aluminium through our doors. On top of that, we keep prices competitive.


Installing a bi-fold door or large sliding door is a fine art. Without precision-engineered products, it can be near impossible to install this efficiently and on time. All of our aluminium windows and doors are precision-engineered.

Easy to install

We ensure that all of our aluminium windows, doors, and roof lanterns are easy to install. Frustrations on site can lead to project deadline delays and create tension between you and your clients. With precision-engineered products, you’ll find it a breeze to install.

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