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What Are Integral Blinds? The Benefits, Purpose and Product Possibilities

Integral blinds are one of the most popular additions to bi-folding doors, sliding doors, french doors and windows. Aesthetically stunning, practical and maintenance-free, integral blinds provide innovation built-in.

Whether you’re a builder, architect, specifier, or property developer, you’re likely on the lookout for high-quality products that are fit for purpose, align with a specific budget, and provide lasting value – as well as impressing your clients with innovative ideas they might not have thought about before

Integral blinds provide that – and so much more. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of integral blinds and why they’re so popular in the industry, and we’ll also list some of the available customisations.

We’ll take a look at:

What Are the Benefits?

Innovation built-in

Integral blinds provide innovative, long-lasting performance built-in. They’re the modern alternative to Venetian blinds and are suitable for many use cases. Such blinds are ideal for residential spaces (windows and internal partitions), hotels, resorts, healthcare facilities (patient rooms, examination rooms, OTs & ERs), schools and many more.  

They’re a specialist, high-quality set of blinds, affixed in a double-glazed unit – whether that’s a window or door. They offer a solution that is both practical and fully compliant with the requirements of a fire door specification.

Integral blinds move up and down to provide an open view for observation or complete closure for optimal privacy. Despite being enclosed within two panes of glass, they provide multi-use operations, enhance the thermal and acoustic performance of existing windows and doors and remain in pristine condition for years to come. 

Integral blinds are most often fitted into new products, including double-glazed windows or doors – inward or outward opening, sliding, or bi-folding (uPVC and aluminium). However, they can also be retrofitted into existing windows and doors, simply by replacing the sealed unit.

To explore options, suitability and bespoke configurations, it’s advised that you contact your supplier for more details.


Ideal and practical, integral blinds are maintenance and hassle-free. The modern aesthetics are matched with superior technical and functional qualities.

Because integral blinds are sealed within a glass frame, they require no cleaning, remain moisture-free, and will be in excellent condition for years to come – unlike external blinds or curtains that require heavy maintenance and frequent replacements.

Of course, depending on the manufacturer and supplier you choose will also determine the quality and performance of the integral blinds. 

Multiuse operation

Based on customisations, the levers can be used to operate the blinds in several different ways. This choice allows for a bespoke outcome and will ensure the blinds are 100% fit for purpose and convenience.

There are three ways to operate an integral blind:

  • Manual cord operation
  • Manual cordless operation
  • Automated operation

All of these operation functions perform the same results of opening and closing the blind in several ways. However, they all offer their own benefits.

Manual systems feature a securely attached cord fitted to a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass. However, the cords can be replaced with discreet magnetic sliders for a more sleek and modern finish.

The automated and electronic system uses long-life, rechargeable batteries, combined with an external solar panel (saving money on energy bills in oppose to using mains electricity). The motor moves the blinds up and down, operated by remote control or a control device that is magnetically secured to the window for easy and convenient use. This option provides the most seamless finish.

The Available Customisations

There are so many ways that integrated blinds can be customised. They can be designed bespoke to suit an array of tastes, without sacrificing functionality and performance.

The finish and colour of the blind itself can also be customised to reflect the interior of a property, whilst also adding a modern aesthetic. Some of the available colours are white, beige, dark coffee, black, pearl bronze, silver and more. 

The sizing variations of integral blinds will depend on the project, specification and the supplier you choose. However, as an example, integral blinds can feature a maximum width of 1200mm and a maximum height of 3000mm. The standard cavity width is 20mm standard to accommodate a 28mm sealed unit.

The bespoke configurations you have access to will ultimately depend on your manufacturer’s capabilities, techniques and offerings. For specific widths/heights and cavity depths, reach out to your manufacturer or supplier for more details. 

An Upgrade for New and Existing Windows and Doors

Although integral blinds provide a great convenience for the end-user, these products are an excellent contribution to increasing property value.

If you are an architect or developer, integral blinds can be specified when drawing up the tender documents and specifications. They can also be offered as an upgrade when discussed with purchases or during the enquiry stage. 

When selecting integral blinds for your clients, it’s important to express the long-term perceived value (10-year warranty) and investment it adds to a property.

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