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Bi-fold Doors: Specifications, Options and Performance Explained

If you want to use bi-fold doors in a project, you’ll need them to meet your client’s practical and aesthetic expectations. After all, you need to deliver exceptional results and provide the perfect addition to your customers’ homes.

Sleek, robust, and cutting edge, bi-fold doors come in different materials, configurations, and specifications. Choosing the right door(s) for your development is crucial. To aid your decision-making process, we’re going to explain some of the factors you need to consider in this post. 

Do you need aluminium, uPVC, or wood? Are you looking for short lead times? Whatever it is, we’ve covered it here. 

We’ll cover:

Lead Times

We know how important lead times are, and they seamlessly have to align with your expectations and the deliverables of your project. Whether you’re a builder, architect, housing developer, project manager and more, lead times are the first thing you should consider when exploring bi-fold door configurations.

Lead times vary between suppliers and manufacturers, and different configurations, material and colour options will determine how long it takes from manufacture to delivery. The more complex a design is, the longer the lead time.

Using an experienced and reliable supplier and manufacturer will enable you to meet tight deadlines, have efficient communication along the way, and correct errors and amends swiftly.

Out of all of the material options, aluminium bi-fold doors offer exceptional performance, durability and optimal U-value. However, the higher the quality, the longer lead times can be expected.

At FrameX, we align with you and your project deadlines. We’re transparent, experienced, and knowledgeable. We put our customers first and ensure we meet lead time expectations, whilst also helping you match your budget.

We offer unparalleled customer service at every stage – from enquiry to delivery. We’re aluminium specialists with exceptional quality, service and execution at our core. So, if you’re looking for aluminium bi-folds, you’ve landed in the right place.

Product Specifications

Bi-fold doors offer all different levels of quality, engineering, performance and styling. Depending on the manufacturer you choose, will determine the specifications you receive.

Out of all materials, aluminium extrusions offer the highest quality performance. They have high thermal values and barriers, excellent singular or dual powder-coated finish options, and fantastic levels of security (as well as other specifications).

To meet the latest industry standards, high levels of security, manufacturing, finish quality, design, and U-value have to be maintained. At FrameX, we go above and beyond to meet industry and individual project standards. We’re aluminium specialists with exceptional quality at our core.

Here’s some of the specifications you can expect from our high-quality bi-fold doors:

Exceptional key features

  • 40+ years life expectancy
  • 123mm sightlines
  • Low weather rated threshold
  • Adjustable
  • Fitter friendly including easy gaskets
  • 100% recyclable 
  • Fully compatible with all windows and curtain walling

Excellent performance

  • Tested to PAS24:2012 Enhanced Security, BS6375 Part 1 Weather, BS6375 Part 2 Operation & Strength, BS6375 Part 3 Annex A. Exact performance varies depending on the configuration
  • Able to receive double or triple glazing up to 48mm for maximum thermal and acoustic performance
  • U-Values as low as 1.19 W/m2K when calculated as a CEN Standard door.
  • Polyamide thermal barriers are manufactured in accordance with PA66 GF25.

Expert configurations

  • Ali FOLD Single Door (Open out or open in)
  • Ali FOLD Double Door (Open out or open in)
  • Ali FOLD Folding SlidingDoor (Open out or open in)
  • Low Threshold Non Rebate (Open out or open in)
  • Floating Mullion option available
  • Heavy Duty option available

*Please see manuals for the full range of configurations.

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Exterior and interior colour options

We offer an almost unlimited range of colours and finishes both inside and out. Our bi-fold aluminium doors are built to last and offer low maintenance with a powder coated aluminium finish, and a polyamide high-performance thermal barrier.

For all aluminium bi-fold doors, the full suite of RAL colours is available. You can also choose from varying finishes: satin, gloss, matt, metallics, or textured. Whether you want a dual or singular colourway (inside and out), we have an excellent variety of colourway options to choose from.

From classic colours to neutral tones, the colour palette we provide has something for every project. All of the colours can be ordered to align with your deadlines, so you have your high-quality bi-folds for when you need them. 

Experienced manufacturing methods

As part of our ambitious plans for 2022, we’ve invested more than £350,000 into new premises and machinery to revamp our manufacturing operation and utilise the latest methods and procedures. 

This has enabled us to delight customers, meet your lead time expectations, and produce some of the highest quality products in the industry. Our manufacturing process is tried and tested and has sustainability at its core to deliver accurate, strong, and precise delivery every single time.

In particular, our Ali FOLD doors are constructed using mitred corners, joined with crimped or mechanical cleats; alignment chevrons assist in clean, accurate mitres. A proprietary sealant is used on all metal joints to achieve accurate outcomes.


The configuration you choose for your project will contribute to the overall cost, expected lead time, and layout of a development.

If a project requires greater levels of view, larger panels will be required to achieve this. Using more door panels and complex configurations will hike costs up and extend the expected lead time for manufacture. However, all configurations are individual and need to suit the desired outcome you’re developing. 

Do you need a traffic door? Do you need open in, or open out? Do you need to cater to internal space? Once you’re aware of this, you can consider the ideal configuration – the total number of door panels and the folding direction left, right or both ways.

Bi-folding doors are available in single, two-pane and up to six or more if required, but they’re available in a choice of configurations and sizes, specific and individual to each project.

Different bi-fold configurations do have limitations. But if you’re aware of this, you’ll be able to find the perfect solution for your project. As an example, bi-fold configurations with an even number of panels don’t allow for a master or traffic door.

However, an odd number of doors will come with multipoint locking (great for extra security) and can cater to a master or a traffic door. This configuration is usually better for larger spaces and projects.

No matter which option you choose, all of our FrameX aluminium bi-fold doors are high-performance and slim. The sleek frames create great sightlines, with a high tech roller design.

Max* measurements available:

  • Max Door Leaf Width 1000mm
  • Max Door Leaf Height 2616mm 
  • Max Outer Frame Width 6000mm
  • Max Outerframe Height 2700mm 
  • Max Weight Per Door Leaf 100Kg 

*For guidance only – for all queries and larger sizes, please contact our expert team.

Threshold Variations

Another factor to consider when choosing your bi-fold doors is the threshold options. Thresholds form the bottom of a doorway and protect the inside of a property. They are weatherproof and designed to prevent the outdoor elements from coming in.

Choosing the correct threshold is a vital decision, and it affects both the functionality and appearance of a bi-folding door. Of course, with every other element of the bi-fold door, these are customisable to suit your budget, taste, and requirements.

There are two styles of threshold – a low/flush threshold and a standard threshold. 

  • Low threshold without a sill
  • Low threshold with a sill
  • Standard rebated threshold set on a sill
  • Standard threshold without a sill

Low threshold

For a seamless appearance, the low threshold option is a perfect choice. Low thresholds eliminate trip hazards and are well suited to properties that require mobility access. However, the only drawback of this threshold is it’s designed for sheltered spaces only as it doesn’t provide high levels of weather protection.

Standard threshold

A standard threshold provides the highest level of weather protection with a sleek aesthetic appearance. This threshold is perfect for all properties affected by the outdoor elements, and they prove to be the most popular.

Choosing the right doors for your project can be a complex process. But with the help of our informative resources, we hope they aid your decision-making process.

Re-Frame Your Project With FrameX. Get in Touch Today!

After reading this, we hope you’re more familiar with the different specifications, options and performance indicators of bi-fold doors. 

If you still have questions or are keen to explore our FrameX bi-fold doors in detail – don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the vision to provide exceptional results, excellent customer service, and expansion to any project. We look forward to hearing from you!

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