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Bi-Fold Doors: 3 Factors to Review When Buying as Supply

Bi-fold doors are timelessly stylish and come in an array of configurations, shapes, sizes, colours and more. When it comes to buying as supply, there are some crucial factors to consider. Quality, service, lead times, and value are all a priority and meeting these expectations has to be done accurately and carefully.

With the correct criteria, you’ll be able to strategically purchase the highest quality bi-folding doors for your project, allowing you to delight clients, meet expectations, and deliver exceptional results.

In this post, we’ve covered all the factors you need to consider when buying as supply, so you can ensure you’re purchasing the right bi-fold doors for your project.

We’ll cover: 

Lead Time Specifications

Lead times on bi-folding doors is a sizable priority. It’s the first factor to consider when choosing bi-folding doors as supply. The last thing you want is delayed lead times to prolong the process of completing a project. 

Lead times can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and many variables can impact the turnarounds. Longer lead times are traditionally expected – between six to eight weeks – and often even more. This can cause significant delays in project delivery, especially if amendments are required.

Projects should be finished timely, efficiently, and professionally – allowing you to move on to your next development. With a trusted and reliable supplier, you’ll be able to meet project timelines efficiently and correct any errors along the way, without compromising on time.

bifolding door threshold

Factors that impact lead time:

  • Manufacturer: every manufacturer is different. Machinery, facilities, profile stock, in-house stock, and more all have an impact on how the products are delivered
  • Material: again, this is all dependent on the manufacturer and supplier. However, aluminium usually takes longer to process than uPVC – because of the colours, fit, and specifications.
  • Configuration: bi-folding doors are typically made to order and aren’t sold from stock. The more complex and larger the configuration is, the longer lead time is expected.
  • Specifications: integral glass blinds, special colours, dual colours, and more will impact the lead time of the bi-folding doors. 

Choosing a manufacturer that’s an aluminium and uPVC specialist, will be able to be transparent and honest along your journey to purchasing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, set boundaries, and enquire about the points outlined above. A reliable manufacturer should be able to meet expectations effectively.

At FrameX, lead times start from 3 weeks, with free delivery within 100 miles, and a free quote on the same day. We’re aluminium experts and quality is at the forefront of everything we do. 

We’re honest with our customers and we have a no-nonsense approach to ensure your deadlines can be met, within budget – and without error.

The Factors That Impact the Cost

The pricing options of bi-fold doors will differ depending on the specifications, configurations, and supplier you choose. Ensuring your budgets are adhered to is a valuable factor to consider.

The pricing structure from a reputable manufacturer or trade supplier will reflect the quality of the product and the customer service you receive. Similarly to the lead time specifications, there are a few factors to consider that will impact the trade prices. It’s best to be aware of these when choosing a supplier, advising your clients, and outlining your available budget.

Specific Type

Bi-folding doors can be manufactured in three main materials: aluminium, uPVC, and wood. Each material offers different benefits – but aluminium is the best material for bi-fold doors, due to its durability and low maintenance factors.

Aluminium also has high levels of security; offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance; it won’t expand or contract in certain weather conditions; it’s eco-friendly – and so much more. Because of the multitude of benefits of aluminium, the price point is higher.

Communicating the benefits with your clients will be an important part of the decision making process. Each material offers different pros and cons, and it’s important to align them with your expectations and budget.

Door size and configuration

The larger the door size, the higher the price point. Bi-fold doors are made of multiple leaves or panels, the more components required, the increase in value and price point. 

The opening direction of your bi-folding is another factor to consider. Although this may seem like an obvious consideration, it can typically be forgotten. Which direction will your doors fold? Will it be left or right? Do you want a middle opening? And, do you need a traffic door? Don’t overlook this, as this will also contribute to the price and finished result.

Talking to an expert manufacturer will enable you to make the best decision on the size and configuration you might require for your bi-fold door. Once you have this information at your disposal, future projects will be easier to price up and better conversations can be had with your clients.

Thermal enhancement 

Although bi-folding doors already offer impressive thermal performance, thermal enhancement is also possible. As an example, the PURe® FOLD door range offers the same aesthetics, profiles, gaskets, hardware, and tooling as Ali FOLD, but they have an additional insulated barrier for enhanced thermal performance. 

The thermal enhancement is manufactured from expanded polyurethane (PUR), allowing ultra-low U values to be achieved. This addition does have a life expectancy of 40 years, but pricing will vary between the options available.

There are double or triple glazing options available too – up to 52mm. This again will maximise the thermal and acoustic performance of the bi-fold door. The higher the performance, the increased overall cost.


Depending on the supplier you choose, this will determine which colours are available. However, high-quality bi-folding doors come in an unlimited range of colours and finishes, both inside and out.

For singular colour options, you can choose from an extensive range of RAL colours. If you’re looking to have a dual colour, for example on the interior and exterior surfaces, you can choose from a range of colours and textures: metallic, textured or anodised finish. Customisation is possible to suit your project and client requirements.

Personalisation is so important for many clients. They want something bespoke and unique to their tastes – usually with budgets to enable this. Working with a manufacturer that has that choice to create something completely different will give you an edge to work with higher paying clients. 

However, certain colours and textures may increase costs. Your manufacturer should be honest and transparent about this from the get-go.

Finishing touches

The look and feel of the doors can be further accentuated with the additional choice of handles, hinges, letter plates, and locking systems. The small details make a big difference, so choosing the correct handle and threshold options is important.

Again, the finishing touches will impact the price at the end, but shouldn’t be overlooked when creating the perfect design.

bi-fold aluminium doors

Manufacturing Guarantee

Once you’ve considered all of the different factors that impact the price of a bi-fold door, it’s now time to inspect the manufacturer’s guarantee. Although many projects and installations go well, it’s important to thoroughly understand the specific terms and guarantees for bi-folding doors.

A warranty and manufacturer guarantee can give you and your client peace of mind. It’s usually an important part of the buying decision. This will positively impact the service you provide and offer long-term loyalty.

The warranty you get will differ between products, specifications, and manufacturers. Some items may be outsourced from other suppliers. As an example, some door handles may not be covered for the full guarantee, so always double-check.

A ten-year warranty is the level of cover most manufacturers provide across the industry. However, this may vary and be subject to specific terms, so always ask questions and check in more detail.

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We hope this article has provided you with the additional information you need to make an informed choice about purchasing bi-fold doors.

There are many components to consider, but it’s crucial to note these down to ensure you get the most attractive bi-fold doors with exceptional performance guaranteed. 

Do you still have questions that need answering? Are you wondering what else there is to know about bi-folding doors? Follow us on social media and receive weekly updates regarding industry insights, product reviews and demos, products in action and more. Come and get involved, and we’d love to hear from you!

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