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Aluminium Bi-Folds: The 7 Performance Features To Know

Performance and quality are likely a priority for you when choosing products, alongside other quality indicators. If you’ve used aluminium bi-folds for your projects before, or you’ve worked with an installer who’s in the know, you’re probably already aware of some of the baseline performance features. 

It’s great to know the basics. But when your clients request more information beyond that, how will you relay that information back? With our article, of course. 

We’ve compiled all of the performance features you and your clients should know in this post for Ali FOLD and PURe® doors. The hidden gems, the high-tech capabilities, and the juicy extras to help you impress all clients and re-frame projects.

We’ll cover:

Ali FOLD and PURe® doors Configurations and Styles

Ali FOLD Bi-Fold Door

The Ali FOLD Bi-Folds are high-performance, cutting edge, and stylish aluminium doors. They’re customisable to suit a range of demands and available in nearly an unlimited range of colours to suit a variety of projects. They are also fully compatible with Senior windows and curtain walling.

bi folding aluminium doors

Available Configurations:

  • Ali FOLD Single Door (open out or open in)
  • Ali FOLD Double Door (open out or open in)
  • Ali FOLD Folding Sliding Door (open out or open in)
  • Low Threshold Non Rebate (open out or open in)
  • Floating Mullion option available
  • Heavy Duty option available

*Please see manuals for a full range of configurations.

PURe® Bi-Fold Door

The PURe® Bi-Fold Door range will exceed all expectations. It’s innovative, revolutionary and designed for maximum performance and style. They come in a range of configurations and sizes and are pre-finished in an almost unlimited range of colours and finishes both inside and out. They complement the PURe® window range perfectly, and they are fully compatible with Senior windows and curtain walling.

aluminium bi folding doors

  • PURe® FOLD Single Swing Door (open out or open in)
  • PURe® FOLD Double Swing Door (open out or open in)
  • PURe® FOLD Folding Sliding Door (open out or open in)

*Please see manuals for a full range of configurations.

The 7 Performance Features To Know

Triple glazed

Although this component isn’t aluminium focused, it’s still one to note down. Both Ali FOLD and PURe® doors can be manufactured with a double or triple glazed finish. The triple-glazed finish has an impressive thickness of 50mmm – enhancing thermal and acoustic insulation levels. Both glazing options differ in price, so check with your manufacturer for more details.

Long Service Value

Service value is without a doubt one of the most important performance indicators. After all, you need to know and understand how long your bi-fold doors will last and provide optimal performance.

With Ali FOLD and PURe® doors, there’s no need to worry. Long after installation, both door suites have a life expectancy in excess of 40 years. This is impressive, especially for those looking for robust, durable and sleek bi-fold door options. You need to inform your clients that aluminium bi-fold doors are a long-term investment.

Polyamide Thermal Barrier

Although both bi-fold door ranges offer incredible levels of thermal efficiency, PURe® doors deliver exceptionally high levels. PURe® utilise an integrated thermal break manufactured from expanded polyurethane (PUR) which allows ultra-low U values to be obtained.

PURe® offers incredible performance, but in simple terms – this technology creates a protective layer that prevents any potential conductive heat loss. It keeps the inside insulated and warm – even during the colder months. These doors will enhance energy-efficient standards you may have created whilst maintaining the sleek aesthetic.

Narrow Sightlines

Narrow sightlines are present on both bi-fold suites – this complements other window ranges, offering a sleek and polished aesthetic. In simple terms, to explain to your clients, narrow sightlines offer larger glass units – reducing vertical dividing sections and creating an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. More light indoors and a neater outdoor finish.

High-Performance Gaskets

Another performance indicator of PURe® Bi-fold doors that can obtain and improve heat insulation capabilities is high-performance gaskets as standard. The gaskets create a seal along the door frame and reduce the infiltration of sound, light, drafts, moisture, fire and smoke. This is essential when the bi-fold door panels are folded against each other and for increased safety and energy-efficient standards.

Although the gaskets are visible along the door perimeters, they are slightly unnoticeable to ensure a stylish and sleek aesthetic is always maintained. 

Low-U Values 

Both aluminium bi-fold ranges surpass energy levels and expectations and offer incredible U-Values as low as 1.19 W/m2K when calculated as a CEN Standard door. 

However, quality installation is important, and without it, you may compromise on the final U-Value achieved. On the other hand, if fitted correctly, these doors will meet energy-efficient standards. 

Robust Aluminium 

Aluminium, out of all materials, has the highest performance value. It’s low maintenance, durable, scratch-resistant, flexible, and weather resistant. Both bi-fold door ranges offer unparalleled aluminium benefits.

Come and See the Performance Features in Action!

Do you want to see some of these performance features in action? Why don’t you come down to our showroom and explore more? We’d be delighted to meet you. Give us a call to find out more.

In the meantime, if you have questions about bi-fold doors and the available configurations, you might find some answers in our previous blog article.

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