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5 Reasons Why Aluminium Is the Material Choice for Architects

More architects than ever before are choosing high-quality aluminium products for their domestic clients. From bi-fold and sliding doors to casement and flush windows – there’s no doubt about it, aluminium is a popular choice.

What exactly are the benefits of using aluminium from an architectural standpoint, and are they worth knowing?

We’ve covered it all here:

Environmentally Friendly and Recyclable

Sustainability is now a key factor when choosing construction materials. Aluminium windows and doors certainly match the expectations of architects, whilst also being fit for purpose. 

If your clients are looking for sustainable and recyclable materials without compromising on quality, performance and aesthetics, aluminium is the ideal choice. 

  • 100% recyclable
  • 3rd most raw material on earth
  • Extracted from the ground, without any environmental impact
  • Any offcuts produced by FrameX are recycled

Available With Many Customisations

There’s no word about it – aluminium is versatile, strong, and able to fit itself to your requirements. It’s malleable and robust, without sacrificing architectural brilliance. It can be manufactured into a selection of shapes and styles and suit a variety of uses.

This extrusion can be supplied in a variety of finishes and colours, including gloss and matte. Dual colours can also be specified. So, rest assured, there’ll be a variety of choices available to suit your client’s specific requirements and expectations.

Architecturally Stunning

Aluminium is an architectural gamechanger.

It can create some of the most stunning and sustainable projects on the market, and more and more clients are looking for a modern and sleek finish to their exteriors, whilst also prioritising sustainability and performance. 

Aluminium is the future, and it’s revolutionising contemporary architecture. The pros of aluminium certainly outweigh the cons, and architects, manufacturers, and homeowners all prefer the architectural beauty that aluminium achieves.

Brilliant Insulation – Thermally and Acoustically 

The material selected for windows and doors should meet your client’s expectations, add value to a project and provide unrivalled performance. Aluminium does just that.

Aluminium is the most thermally efficient profile out of all materials. However, this is only achieved in modern aluminium frames that have been manufactured to the highest quality.

Aluminium is

  • Waterproof
  • Doesn’t warp, decay or rot
  • Thermally efficient
  • Protects from the outdoor elements

In turn, providing excellent thermal and acoustic performance with a life expectancy of 40+ years.

Whilst aluminium on its own provides fantastic levels of thermal and acoustic performance – the added extras definitely enhance its capabilities, including air tightness and acoustic glazing. 

  • Acoustic glazing increases the insulation value more and is highly recommended (double or triple glazing up to 48mm).
  • Quality gaskets are essential. These play a vital role in the sealing system and provide optimal levels of acoustic performance.

Give your clients peace of mind, and don’t skimp on the essentials. Doing additional research is important and could even enhance a project further.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

No complex installation processes are required, and the ease of install also means it’s a very efficient choice for projects scheduled on a tight timeframe.

Built to last, practical and providing long-lasting performance, aluminium is an investment and guaranteed to provide beautiful results. Aluminium products need replacing less frequently and require minimal hassle. They tick the boxes all around for multiple project requirements.

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