Flat Roof Lights

Increase natural daylight, reduce reliance on electricity during the day and boost the wellbeing of occupants.

Our Flat Fixed roof lights have been designed to increase the amount of natural light flowing throughout your home, whilst still maintaining thermal properties within your living environment. The glass used in these roof lights is an energy efficient glass which is designed to prevent heat escaping out through your roof light to the cold outdoors.

The aluminium frame features a thermal break in the frame which creates an insulated barrier and minimises the transfer of heat and cold through the frame reducing condensation and improving energy efficiency.

Our contemporary high quality flat fixed roof lights are manufactured with a choice of either triple glazed toughened safety glass which has a U-Value of 0.7 w/m2 or double glazed glass which has a U-Value of 1.2 w/m2. They are available in a choice of clear, solar and privacy glass.

Key Features

10 years guarantee
Made to measure
Complete U values
from 1.2w/m2K

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