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FrameX Bi-Fold Doors: Exceptional Quality, Expert Service, Excellent Results

Are you looking for quality products, innovative manufacturing methods, and quick lead times? Are you looking for bi-fold doors that provide excellent performance and meet your budget expectations? Look no further.

If you’re trade, an architect, or property developer, we can help you meet project deadlines efficiently, stay within budget, and exceed expectations. We’re aluminium specialists providing exceptional quality, service, and excellent results.

In this post, we’re going to explain more about our innovative services and we’ll cover why you should consider FrameX as part of your next project – no matter the size.

We’ll cover:

Made Locally

If you want more flexibility, have greater control over the manufacturing process, endure fewer supply chain costs and issues, look no further than FrameX. We’re a UK based business that takes pride in helping develop projects across the country. 

In contrast, if you don’t opt for a local business and choose a distant supplier, you’ll have to cater to longer delivery times and additional freight costs. 

Price, delivery, and quality are important and choosing a local supplier, like FrameX, will ensure these expectations are met with ease.

Excellent Lead Times

Our lead times start from 3 weeks. This will allow you to customise your bi-folds, align our products with your budget, and make any amends.

We provide a seamless and transparent experience from start to finish so you can make the right decisions, delight your customers and meet tight deadlines and budgets.

If you have questions along the way or need expert advice, we’re here to help. We’re a business that understands how important quick turnaround times are. So, we’ll always aim to meet your needs.

aluminium bi-fold door specialists

Same-Day Quotation

Do you want to enhance your project with high-quality products? Are you looking to add expansion to your development, but need price points first? Then a same-day quotation from FrameX is there for you to use at no extra cost.

Once you’ve provided us with the correct information about your bi-fold door requirements, we’ll go away and create an estimated quote based on the details supplied, in less than 24 hours.

We’ll aim to provide the most economically advantageous quote, so you and your clients can make the most from the budget available.

Exceptional Service

Providing exceptional service is one of the foundations we focus on at FrameX. We are open, honest, reassuring and transparent throughout every stage. Whether you’re enquiring about a quote or need to amend your order, we’re here to help.

Our industry experience and high-level expertise equip our team with the knowledge they need to rectify problems and provide professional support. We know what it takes to complete a project. We understand the pressures, the importance of lead times, quality and budgets.

So, with our expert team always on hand to help and answer questions, you won’t feel out of the loop, and you’ll be able to update your clients effectively and efficiently to provide the best service possible.

Aluminium Specialists

As we’ve covered in previous articles, aluminium bi-fold doors may offer a higher upfront cost, but they provide a long-term investment. Bi-fold doors offer exceptional performance and excellent levels of thermal efficiency.

To maximise the quality of aluminium bi-folds, you need to choose an aluminium specialist who utilises the latest manufacturing methods and procedures. Otherwise, you’ll compromise the quality of the product and increase the chances of costly repairs – something your clients and customers might not like

At FrameX, we’re innovative aluminium experts who have a passion for innovation, product performance, and quality. We provide premium bi-fold doors with a 40+ years life expectancy. Our recent investment of £350,000 has enabled us to fund some of the best equipment in the industry. So we can meet your deadlines effectively, and you can wow your clients in the process.

Free Delivery (Within 100 Miles) + Fitter Friendly

Are you within a 100-mile radius of us? Great! Once we’ve confirmed the order and have the manufacturing process confirmed, you’ll be eligible for FREE delivery within 100 miles. If you’re outside of this radius, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, however, as we’re more than happy to discuss any projects with you, regardless of location.

Our products are carefully packaged ready for dispatch to ensure they arrive in exceptional condition. We follow a strict quality checking process to ensure nothing leaves our warehouse and factory without being thoroughly checked first.

We accurately wrap handles, hinges, and the finer details. We know the importance of quality, and we’ll always ensure to deliver the highest levels of service.

All of our aluminium bi-fold doors are fitter friendly, including easy gaskets. We make it easier for bi-folds to be installed, so the process of a completed project is considerably shorter. 

40+ Years Life Expectancy

With a life expectancy of 40+ years, all of our aluminium bi-fold doors will easily exceed current and meet future building regulations. They’re sustainable and built to last, whilst also looking sleek and trouble-free performance.

Aluminium bi-folds are a long-term investment for any project. With their exceptional life expectancy, they’ll serve a variety of spaces for decades to come. With minimal care and maintenance required, they also tick the boxes for an array of clients.

A 40-year life expectancy is a great way to impress existing clients and new ones. If someone is looking for a timeless addition to their project and they’re looking for high-performance, aluminium bi-folds are the solution.

aluminium bi-fold door specialists

Unlimited Range of Colours and Finishes

With almost an unlimited range of colours and finishes to choose from, you’ll be able to provide the perfect selection for your project. Whether you want singular or dual colour options, you can choose from an extensive range of RAL colours.

Our array of colours and finishes enables you to create a unique and bespoke outcome every time. This will allow you to work with higher-paying clients and deliver exceptional and innovative results.

The more complex your design is, the higher the costs will be. However, we’ll be completely transparent with you and ensure you’re aware of additional costs, from the get-go. 

Choice of Configurations and Sizes

Do you need a traffic door? Are you looking for an open in, or open out? Do you need to cater to internal space? Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you choose the correct configuration for your client and project.

If you need larger bi-folds or you’re looking to experiment with threshold options, we’ll advise and guide you in the correct direction. This will ensure you get the most accurate outcome and value for money.

With a selection of customisations to choose from, you’ll be able to create bespoke designs and solutions for an array of clients. This is valued in the industry, and it’ll broaden your connections and client base. The possibilities are endless with the expert team at FrameX.

Thermal Enhancement Options

Aluminium bi-fold doors already offer exceptional levels of thermal performance. However, with our revolutionary suite of PURe® FOLD doors, thermal efficiency is enhanced and increased.

The PURe® FOLD doors have an additional thermal barrier manufactured from expanded polyurethane (PUR), allowing ultra-low U values to be achieved (as low as 1.1 W/m2K).

PURe® doors exceed current and will meet future building regulations. They’re a simple way to achieve unbeatable thermal performance in a cost-effective way, helping to futureproof your clients’ projects and buildings.

Sustainability (100% Recyclable Doors)

Leading on from our previous point above, PURe® FOLD doors have already been used for many years in the construction industry to provide insulation, and they’re also 100% recyclable.

Not only that, but we also aim to improve our carbon footprint company-wide. From the products we create, to the processes we use to manufacture. We have a passion for improving our impact on the planet whilst still delivering exceptional results for all.

Going forward, we aim to work on our sustainability efforts and continue to recycle our offcuts, leftover materials, and waste. We’ll continue to inspire those who work with us and purchase from us too. 

For Quality Products, Quality Service, and Quality Results – Choose FrameX!

If you’ve got questions that need answering or you want to learn more about our bi-fold door offerings and more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. We’d love to help you re-frame your next project with the addition of high-performance FrameX bi-fold doors.

In the meantime, if you want to do some more research, check out our resources and get social with us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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