Bi-Fold Doors.

Aluminium - lightweight, strong and almost 100% recyclable.

These aluminium door systems remain our most popular products and provide unrivalled safety, security and installation simplicity. Each door system has its own distinct look and feel, offering varying levels of performance, profile depth and glazing area.

However, while these designs may differ you’ll find the materials and manufacturing processes are as reliable as ever – you have our guarantee. In addition to meeting the needs of every application type, these doors also support the current industry trend for refurbishment over replacement. This allows fabricators and installers to provide the additional light and space their customers want, in the most befitting way possible.

When it comes to designing aluminium façade systems, we go to great lengths to ensure every part plays its part to perfection. No shortcuts are taken, no corners cut. The exact same approach is taken when it comes to developing hardware. Every product is designed to not only complement tbe systems, but strikingly enhance them too. These tested, tried and trusted hardware ranges include suited handles, locks, hinges, rollers, bogeys, seals and brushes. Each and every product has to pass the ALUK famously stringent tests, with most subjected to 50,000 operational cycles to emulate a lifetime of trouble-free operation.

Then the real testing begins. The quality assurance team surveys every nut, every screw, every surface to ensure it’s both scratch-free and up to scratch. We also believe security should be a standard, not an aspiration. It’s why almost every aluminium door system featuring the hardware is certified by the Secured by Design scheme. Of course, added strength and security should never compromise style. And certainly never function. It’s why the hardware products not only improve ease of operation for years to come, but deliver a timeless look and finish.

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