7 Ways to Recognise High-Performance Bi-Fold Doors

Quality is everything when it comes to high-performance bi-fold doors. But how can you recognise what you’re buying is top of line and will keep your clients happy? Luckily for you, we’ve created this handy guide to help you decipher between the good, the bad, and the downright ugly when it comes to purchasing bi-fold doors.

We’ll take a look at:

  • Why quality matters when it comes to bi-fold doors
  • How to spot the difference between high quality and low quality products
  • 7 ways to recognise a high-performance bi-fold door

Why quality matters when it comes to bi-fold doors

Your clients want the very best – and you want the very best for them too. Whether it’s an extravagant extension or bespoke new build, your detailed designs need to be complemented by high quality fixtures and fittings – and certain types of windows and doors just won’t cut the mustard.

Bi-fold doors often replace huge parts of a structure – and for good reason too. This allows light to flood into a room, as well as creating a seamless journey between the outside and inside. Our clients’ homes are so important to them and we want to create an environment where they get to enjoy both the indoors and outdoors, without sacrificing on space or quality.

So why does quality matter so much when it comes to bi-fold doors? And how can you convince a client to take more notice? Sometimes it comes down to the fear factor. Poor quality bi-folds can affect the structural integrity of your building, leading all that hard work and design time to go down the drain. This means more expense in the long-run for your clients – and potentially damage to your own reputation.

From a performance perspective, poor quality bi-folds can potentially allow rainwater and draughts into a building, ruining any energy efficient standards you may have created, as well as truly scuppering the aesthetic. Lower energy efficiency means higher fuel bills for your clients too.

Security is another big factor when it comes to deciding on the right bi-fold. Poor performing doors can potentially be a security risk, with shoddy hardware and flimsy locks – and thieves finding it easier to break in. 

How to spot the difference between high quality and low quality products

So now we’ve taken you through why high-performance bi-folds matter, let’s investigate how to spot the difference between high quality and low quality products.

Low quality bi-fold doors will normally:

  • Be difficult to operate and open. Mechanisms might be stiff, or even too slack, causing functionality to be compromised
  • Be made from scrap aluminium, rather than full, high-grade aluminium billets. Scrap aluminium may be mixed with other materials to make it more substantial, which doesn’t always look as smooth when powder-coated
  • Only meet the set industry standards and won’t be future-proofed
  • Have poor quality hardware, such as handles, hinges, and mechanisms, causing them to fail and become a security risk
  • Not have a guarantee.

When dealing with high quality, high-performance doors, you’ll find:

  • They can keep their shape and will be smooth in both appearance and touch because of the high-grade billets used
  • They’re durable and long lasting because of a high quality powder-coated finish
  • You have a choice of thresholds, instead of standard building regulation ones
  • Sightlines are narrow to ensure all that light can shine through – without compromising on sturdiness and robustness
  • They come with at least a 10 year guarantee
  • They’re tested past PAS 24 and have additional security components.

7 ways to recognise a high-performance bi-fold door

Now you’re equipped with the dos and don’ts of bi-fold doors, let’s list the ways to recognise a high-performance bi-fold door and how this can benefit your clients.

  1. Brand reputation

First up is brand reputation. No, this isn’t a component of the actual bi-fold itself, but it’s certainly something you should keep in mind when choosing a manufacturer to purchase from. 

Take a look at reviews online and on social media to see what other companies think and the experience of dealing with them. This is a great way to get a feel for lead times and efficiency as well. You’ll also see a lot of reviewers commenting on the quality and finish of the products as well.

  1. Component quality

We touched briefly on this before, but it’s not just the performance of the door you should be examining, but also the components and hardware. Handles should be well designed, but the design should not sacrifice on the quality of the functionality. They should be strong and durable – and you should feel confident in using them and that your clients won’t be able to break them easily.

Hinges, gears, gaskets, and locking mechanisms should be tested extensively to ensure they meet, and then exceed, industry standards.

  1. Threshold variations

Being limited by threshold height means that your chosen bi-folds won’t be weatherproof for your clients. Your manufacturer should be able to offer you a choice of threshold types, both weathered and unweathered, to ensure you can make the right decision. And be careful – even some thresholds that may be sold as weatherproof can still allow water to come in.

  1. Lead times

Again, not related to the actual performance of your chosen bi-fold door, but you should feel confident that the manufacturer you’re working with will be able to offer competitive lead times, whilst still delivering on quality and performance. Extremely long lead times can be frustrating and put a project back, affecting other components of the development.

  1. Specifications

A high performing bi-fold door will come with a high level of specifications. This includes elements such as long life expectancy, narrow sightlines, low weather rated threshold, tested to the correct standards (and exceeding these standards), finished to the highest quality, and have high thermal values and barriers. You can read more about bi-fold doors specifications, options, and performance here.

  1. Safety and security

This is paramount when looking at a high-performance bi-fold door. Your clients deserve a decent level of security – and this can only be achieved through durable and correctly installed bi-fold doors. They should have multi lock systems and other robust components, such as secure hinges and handles.

  1. U-values

We want to make sure your clients are kept warm and comfortable – and only a high-performance bi-fold door, with superb thermal efficiency, will allow that. Thermal efficiency of bi-fold doors is measured in U-values and the lower the U-value, the better.

If you need high-performance aluminium bi-fold doors for your next project, speak to the experts at FrameX today. We offer same day quotations, as well as competitive lead times, and are more than happy to discuss any size of project. If you have any questions about bi-fold doors, see if we can answer them via our latest blog article.

The Price Increase of Aluminium: What You Need to Know and What This Means for You

Prices of aluminium have reached a record high – and have been steadily increasing since October last year. In fact, this is the highest aluminium has been since 2008. But what’s causing this increase and what does it mean for our own aluminium consumption in the UK?

According to Nicholas Snowdon, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, this increase in energy prices and fuel costs has created a “very oppressive environment” for industries in Europe, such as aluminium production. In order to turn alumni into the refined metal, we know as aluminium, a lot of energy is required to do so – and production companies simply can’t field the costs in order to fulfil their usual demand.

The energy crisis means that 900,000 tonnes of aluminium smelting capacity is now offline in Europe and Goldman Sachs is predicting a deficit of 2.2 million tonnes of the metal this year alone, with another 1.8 million tonnes deficit in 2023.

Why has the price of aluminium increased?

Situations in Ukraine, unrest in Guinea, and Chinese production have all brought on the price increase, as well as the ever-growing global demand. This is due to more and more companies looking to ‘go green’ – with aluminium being so lightweight, it’s becoming the material of choice for car manufacturers and other industries too. Aluminium is also extremely easy to recycle – although the price for secondary aluminium is now soaring too.

Although many industries are attributing the increase in prices to the Ukraine / Russia conflict, aluminium can easily be traced back to tense situations in China, where pollution is being scrutinised and industries are suffering at the current government’s hands. Electricity is also being rationed, which means the production of aluminium and other metals isn’t as fast as it used to be.

Environmental factors are a big part of the aluminium industry’s price rise. As the production of aluminium uses an extraordinary amount of energy, it’s not just China’s government that’s cracking down on the amount of aluminium produced. 

However, aluminium as a whole is a far ‘greener’ process of manufacturing than other metals. Secondary aluminium allows the product to continuously be recycled, reducing the need for further production. However, we don’t currently have enough scrap aluminium to make this process the ‘norm’ – and in the UK, we often export a lot of aluminium scrap to China. 

We’re also still seeing the effects of Brexit, especially when it comes to supply. Delays in deliveries and difficulties with shipping have caused backlogs of jobs – and end-users are demanding compensation. This has to be absorbed elsewhere, often meaning increasing costs for other customers in the future.

What about consumer demand for aluminium windows and doors?

It’s not just industry demand and fuel consumption that are generating a shortage in aluminium; consumers are becoming more savvy and realising that this durable and robust material is preferred over the likes of uPVC and wood.

The demand from consumers was also unpredictable – and, of course, we couldn’t go without mentioning the pandemic. After March 2020, we saw a huge increase from consumers for home improvement services and products, including windows and doors. Although many households were hit negatively by furlough schemes and wage decreases, these same households were also saving money on petrol costs and, well, life. Staying at home led consumers to evaluate their living conditions and, for many, that meant making some much needed changes. In fact, more than 5% of UK households anticipated making home improvement changes during the pandemic – that’s around 2.5million people.

How will the price increase affect the supply of aluminium windows and doors?

The general cost of living is increasing exponentially – and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. With everyday products, such as food in aluminium cans, we can expect to see seemingly innocuous increases in prices – but for larger products, such as aluminium windows and doors, the costs can potentially filter down from supplier to install, and then to end-user.

But with such high demand for aluminium windows and doors by consumers, they’re prepared to pay more for better quality. Aluminium windows are far more energy efficient than their uPVC counterparts too – and with such hikes in energy prices for households across the country, clients and end-users are likely to demand the best material to keep these bills down.

Aluminium is also used in the majority of hardware and components for doors and windows too. The lightweight material creates a luxurious feel, without sacrificing security, making it the go-to for handles, hinges, locking mechanisms, and brackets. End-users must be prepared to absorb the rise in prices for these elements too.

At Framex, we’re prepared to keep our pricing as competitive as possible for our customers, as well as meet supply and demand in a reasonable time frame. Although there are tricky situations to navigate currently, UK businesses continue to thrive and we’re on hand to make sure that demand is met.

Bi-fold Doors: Specifications, Options and Performance Explained

If you want to use bi-fold doors in a project, you’ll need them to meet your client’s practical and aesthetic expectations. After all, you need to deliver exceptional results and provide the perfect addition to your customers’ homes.

Sleek, robust, and cutting edge, bi-fold doors come in different materials, configurations, and specifications. Choosing the right door(s) for your development is crucial. To aid your decision-making process, we’re going to explain some of the factors you need to consider in this post. 

Do you need aluminium, uPVC, or wood? Are you looking for short lead times? Whatever it is, we’ve covered it here. 

We’ll cover:

Lead Times

We know how important lead times are, and they seamlessly have to align with your expectations and the deliverables of your project. Whether you’re a builder, architect, housing developer, project manager and more, lead times are the first thing you should consider when exploring bi-fold door configurations.

Lead times vary between suppliers and manufacturers, and different configurations, material and colour options will determine how long it takes from manufacture to delivery. The more complex a design is, the longer the lead time.

Using an experienced and reliable supplier and manufacturer will enable you to meet tight deadlines, have efficient communication along the way, and correct errors and amends swiftly.

Out of all of the material options, aluminium bi-fold doors offer exceptional performance, durability and optimal U-value. However, the higher the quality, the longer lead times can be expected.

At FrameX, we align with you and your project deadlines. We’re transparent, experienced, and knowledgeable. We put our customers first and ensure we meet lead time expectations, whilst also helping you match your budget.

We offer unparalleled customer service at every stage – from enquiry to delivery. We’re aluminium specialists with exceptional quality, service and execution at our core. So, if you’re looking for aluminium bi-folds, you’ve landed in the right place.

Product Specifications

Bi-fold doors offer all different levels of quality, engineering, performance and styling. Depending on the manufacturer you choose, will determine the specifications you receive.

Out of all materials, aluminium extrusions offer the highest quality performance. They have high thermal values and barriers, excellent singular or dual powder-coated finish options, and fantastic levels of security (as well as other specifications).

To meet the latest industry standards, high levels of security, manufacturing, finish quality, design, and U-value have to be maintained. At FrameX, we go above and beyond to meet industry and individual project standards. We’re aluminium specialists with exceptional quality at our core.

Here’s some of the specifications you can expect from our high-quality bi-fold doors:

Exceptional key features

  • 40+ years life expectancy
  • 123mm sightlines
  • Low weather rated threshold
  • Adjustable
  • Fitter friendly including easy gaskets
  • 100% recyclable 
  • Fully compatible with all windows and curtain walling

Excellent performance

  • Tested to PAS24:2012 Enhanced Security, BS6375 Part 1 Weather, BS6375 Part 2 Operation & Strength, BS6375 Part 3 Annex A. Exact performance varies depending on the configuration
  • Able to receive double or triple glazing up to 48mm for maximum thermal and acoustic performance
  • U-Values as low as 1.19 W/m2K when calculated as a CEN Standard door.
  • Polyamide thermal barriers are manufactured in accordance with PA66 GF25.

Expert configurations

  • Ali FOLD Single Door (Open out or open in)
  • Ali FOLD Double Door (Open out or open in)
  • Ali FOLD Folding SlidingDoor (Open out or open in)
  • Low Threshold Non Rebate (Open out or open in)
  • Floating Mullion option available
  • Heavy Duty option available

*Please see manuals for the full range of configurations.

bi folding patio doors near me

Exterior and interior colour options

We offer an almost unlimited range of colours and finishes both inside and out. Our bi-fold aluminium doors are built to last and offer low maintenance with a powder coated aluminium finish, and a polyamide high-performance thermal barrier.

For all aluminium bi-fold doors, the full suite of RAL colours is available. You can also choose from varying finishes: satin, gloss, matt, metallics, or textured. Whether you want a dual or singular colourway (inside and out), we have an excellent variety of colourway options to choose from.

From classic colours to neutral tones, the colour palette we provide has something for every project. All of the colours can be ordered to align with your deadlines, so you have your high-quality bi-folds for when you need them. 

Experienced manufacturing methods

As part of our ambitious plans for 2022, we’ve invested more than £350,000 into new premises and machinery to revamp our manufacturing operation and utilise the latest methods and procedures. 

This has enabled us to delight customers, meet your lead time expectations, and produce some of the highest quality products in the industry. Our manufacturing process is tried and tested and has sustainability at its core to deliver accurate, strong, and precise delivery every single time.

In particular, our Ali FOLD doors are constructed using mitred corners, joined with crimped or mechanical cleats; alignment chevrons assist in clean, accurate mitres. A proprietary sealant is used on all metal joints to achieve accurate outcomes.


The configuration you choose for your project will contribute to the overall cost, expected lead time, and layout of a development.

If a project requires greater levels of view, larger panels will be required to achieve this. Using more door panels and complex configurations will hike costs up and extend the expected lead time for manufacture. However, all configurations are individual and need to suit the desired outcome you’re developing. 

Do you need a traffic door? Do you need open in, or open out? Do you need to cater to internal space? Once you’re aware of this, you can consider the ideal configuration – the total number of door panels and the folding direction left, right or both ways.

Bi-folding doors are available in single, two-pane and up to six or more if required, but they’re available in a choice of configurations and sizes, specific and individual to each project.

Different bi-fold configurations do have limitations. But if you’re aware of this, you’ll be able to find the perfect solution for your project. As an example, bi-fold configurations with an even number of panels don’t allow for a master or traffic door.

However, an odd number of doors will come with multipoint locking (great for extra security) and can cater to a master or a traffic door. This configuration is usually better for larger spaces and projects.

No matter which option you choose, all of our FrameX aluminium bi-fold doors are high-performance and slim. The sleek frames create great sightlines, with a high tech roller design.

Max* measurements available:

  • Max Door Leaf Width 1000mm
  • Max Door Leaf Height 2616mm 
  • Max Outer Frame Width 6000mm
  • Max Outerframe Height 2700mm 
  • Max Weight Per Door Leaf 100Kg 

*For guidance only – for all queries and larger sizes, please contact our expert team.

Threshold Variations

Another factor to consider when choosing your bi-fold doors is the threshold options. Thresholds form the bottom of a doorway and protect the inside of a property. They are weatherproof and designed to prevent the outdoor elements from coming in.

Choosing the correct threshold is a vital decision, and it affects both the functionality and appearance of a bi-folding door. Of course, with every other element of the bi-fold door, these are customisable to suit your budget, taste, and requirements.

There are two styles of threshold – a low/flush threshold and a standard threshold. 

  • Low threshold without a sill
  • Low threshold with a sill
  • Standard rebated threshold set on a sill
  • Standard threshold without a sill

Low threshold

For a seamless appearance, the low threshold option is a perfect choice. Low thresholds eliminate trip hazards and are well suited to properties that require mobility access. However, the only drawback of this threshold is it’s designed for sheltered spaces only as it doesn’t provide high levels of weather protection.

Standard threshold

A standard threshold provides the highest level of weather protection with a sleek aesthetic appearance. This threshold is perfect for all properties affected by the outdoor elements, and they prove to be the most popular.

Choosing the right doors for your project can be a complex process. But with the help of our informative resources, we hope they aid your decision-making process.

Re-Frame Your Project With FrameX. Get in Touch Today!

After reading this, we hope you’re more familiar with the different specifications, options and performance indicators of bi-fold doors. 

If you still have questions or are keen to explore our FrameX bi-fold doors in detail – don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the vision to provide exceptional results, excellent customer service, and expansion to any project. We look forward to hearing from you!

aluminium bi-fold doors

FrameX Bi-Fold Doors: Exceptional Quality, Expert Service, Excellent Results

Are you looking for quality products, innovative manufacturing methods, and quick lead times? Are you looking for bi-fold doors that provide excellent performance and meet your budget expectations? Look no further.

If you’re trade, an architect, or property developer, we can help you meet project deadlines efficiently, stay within budget, and exceed expectations. We’re aluminium specialists providing exceptional quality, service, and excellent results.

In this post, we’re going to explain more about our innovative services and we’ll cover why you should consider FrameX as part of your next project – no matter the size.

We’ll cover:

Made Locally

If you want more flexibility, have greater control over the manufacturing process, endure fewer supply chain costs and issues, look no further than FrameX. We’re a UK based business that takes pride in helping develop projects across the country. 

In contrast, if you don’t opt for a local business and choose a distant supplier, you’ll have to cater to longer delivery times and additional freight costs. 

Price, delivery, and quality are important and choosing a local supplier, like FrameX, will ensure these expectations are met with ease.

Excellent Lead Times

Our lead times start from 3 weeks. This will allow you to customise your bi-folds, align our products with your budget, and make any amends.

We provide a seamless and transparent experience from start to finish so you can make the right decisions, delight your customers and meet tight deadlines and budgets.

If you have questions along the way or need expert advice, we’re here to help. We’re a business that understands how important quick turnaround times are. So, we’ll always aim to meet your needs.

aluminium bi-fold door specialists

Same-Day Quotation

Do you want to enhance your project with high-quality products? Are you looking to add expansion to your development, but need price points first? Then a same-day quotation from FrameX is there for you to use at no extra cost.

Once you’ve provided us with the correct information about your bi-fold door requirements, we’ll go away and create an estimated quote based on the details supplied, in less than 24 hours.

We’ll aim to provide the most economically advantageous quote, so you and your clients can make the most from the budget available.

Exceptional Service

Providing exceptional service is one of the foundations we focus on at FrameX. We are open, honest, reassuring and transparent throughout every stage. Whether you’re enquiring about a quote or need to amend your order, we’re here to help.

Our industry experience and high-level expertise equip our team with the knowledge they need to rectify problems and provide professional support. We know what it takes to complete a project. We understand the pressures, the importance of lead times, quality and budgets.

So, with our expert team always on hand to help and answer questions, you won’t feel out of the loop, and you’ll be able to update your clients effectively and efficiently to provide the best service possible.

Aluminium Specialists

As we’ve covered in previous articles, aluminium bi-fold doors may offer a higher upfront cost, but they provide a long-term investment. Bi-fold doors offer exceptional performance and excellent levels of thermal efficiency.

To maximise the quality of aluminium bi-folds, you need to choose an aluminium specialist who utilises the latest manufacturing methods and procedures. Otherwise, you’ll compromise the quality of the product and increase the chances of costly repairs – something your clients and customers might not like

At FrameX, we’re innovative aluminium experts who have a passion for innovation, product performance, and quality. We provide premium bi-fold doors with a 40+ years life expectancy. Our recent investment of £350,000 has enabled us to fund some of the best equipment in the industry. So we can meet your deadlines effectively, and you can wow your clients in the process.

Free Delivery (Within 100 Miles) + Fitter Friendly

Are you within a 100-mile radius of us? Great! Once we’ve confirmed the order and have the manufacturing process confirmed, you’ll be eligible for FREE delivery within 100 miles. If you’re outside of this radius, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, however, as we’re more than happy to discuss any projects with you, regardless of location.

Our products are carefully packaged ready for dispatch to ensure they arrive in exceptional condition. We follow a strict quality checking process to ensure nothing leaves our warehouse and factory without being thoroughly checked first.

We accurately wrap handles, hinges, and the finer details. We know the importance of quality, and we’ll always ensure to deliver the highest levels of service.

All of our aluminium bi-fold doors are fitter friendly, including easy gaskets. We make it easier for bi-folds to be installed, so the process of a completed project is considerably shorter. 

40+ Years Life Expectancy

With a life expectancy of 40+ years, all of our aluminium bi-fold doors will easily exceed current and meet future building regulations. They’re sustainable and built to last, whilst also looking sleek and trouble-free performance.

Aluminium bi-folds are a long-term investment for any project. With their exceptional life expectancy, they’ll serve a variety of spaces for decades to come. With minimal care and maintenance required, they also tick the boxes for an array of clients.

A 40-year life expectancy is a great way to impress existing clients and new ones. If someone is looking for a timeless addition to their project and they’re looking for high-performance, aluminium bi-folds are the solution.

aluminium bi-fold door specialists

Unlimited Range of Colours and Finishes

With almost an unlimited range of colours and finishes to choose from, you’ll be able to provide the perfect selection for your project. Whether you want singular or dual colour options, you can choose from an extensive range of RAL colours.

Our array of colours and finishes enables you to create a unique and bespoke outcome every time. This will allow you to work with higher-paying clients and deliver exceptional and innovative results.

The more complex your design is, the higher the costs will be. However, we’ll be completely transparent with you and ensure you’re aware of additional costs, from the get-go. 

Choice of Configurations and Sizes

Do you need a traffic door? Are you looking for an open in, or open out? Do you need to cater to internal space? Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you choose the correct configuration for your client and project.

If you need larger bi-folds or you’re looking to experiment with threshold options, we’ll advise and guide you in the correct direction. This will ensure you get the most accurate outcome and value for money.

With a selection of customisations to choose from, you’ll be able to create bespoke designs and solutions for an array of clients. This is valued in the industry, and it’ll broaden your connections and client base. The possibilities are endless with the expert team at FrameX.

Thermal Enhancement Options

Aluminium bi-fold doors already offer exceptional levels of thermal performance. However, with our revolutionary suite of PURe® FOLD doors, thermal efficiency is enhanced and increased.

The PURe® FOLD doors have an additional thermal barrier manufactured from expanded polyurethane (PUR), allowing ultra-low U values to be achieved (as low as 1.1 W/m2K).

PURe® doors exceed current and will meet future building regulations. They’re a simple way to achieve unbeatable thermal performance in a cost-effective way, helping to futureproof your clients’ projects and buildings.

Sustainability (100% Recyclable Doors)

Leading on from our previous point above, PURe® FOLD doors have already been used for many years in the construction industry to provide insulation, and they’re also 100% recyclable.

Not only that, but we also aim to improve our carbon footprint company-wide. From the products we create, to the processes we use to manufacture. We have a passion for improving our impact on the planet whilst still delivering exceptional results for all.

Going forward, we aim to work on our sustainability efforts and continue to recycle our offcuts, leftover materials, and waste. We’ll continue to inspire those who work with us and purchase from us too. 

For Quality Products, Quality Service, and Quality Results – Choose FrameX!

If you’ve got questions that need answering or you want to learn more about our bi-fold door offerings and more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. We’d love to help you re-frame your next project with the addition of high-performance FrameX bi-fold doors.

In the meantime, if you want to do some more research, check out our resources and get social with us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Bi-Fold Doors: Your Most Common Questions Answered

Helping your customers and clients choose the right bi-fold doors for their home, and then weighing up your options against other suppliers, means you’ll no doubt have some questions that need to be answered.

Although every project is unique, and we can’t always predict potential variables, we have included some of the most common frequently asked questions below. 

In this post, we aim to provide clarity on our manufacturing processes and our high-performance bi-fold doors. After reading this, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team or arrange a visit to our showroom. So, before going elsewhere, see if your questions are below.

We’ll cover:

What Materials Can Bi-folds Be Made From?

When choosing bi-fold doors for your next project, careful consideration needs to be made when looking at the aesthetics, longevity, security, and maintenance of the desired material of your bi-fold doors. 

Bi-fold doors are created primarily in three different materials: uPVC, timber, and aluminium. All materials offer different benefits and price ranges.

However, aluminium bi-folds are the most robust of all materials. This asset makes them the perfect choice for an array of projects. They may have a higher upfront cost, but they’re a long-term investment and are the best all-around choice.

Aluminium is more resistant to flex, expansion, and contraction, as well as many other incredible performance benefits.

Can Bi-folds Be Made to Any Size Specification?

All custom-made bi-fold doors are made to measure, and designed to fit a particular size of the opening. This will all vary from project to project.  

Including estimates for sizing will help us create an accurate quote for your bi-folds, whilst also highlighting opportunities and limitations with a design.

How Long Do Bi-folds Last?

All of our aluminium bi-fold doors are built to last. They are sleek, reliable, and have the highest performance qualities. Manufactured to perfection with a life expectancy of 40+ years, keeping your clients and customers happy

All of our aluminium bi-fold doors will exceed current building regulations, as well as meet future changes. As aluminium specialists, our job is to stay on top of any regulation updates, so we can pass that knowledge on to you and your clients.

Working with a manufacturer who offers high-quality bi-fold doors is a great way to position your offerings and reach higher-paying clients. For the clients searching for investment pieces, aluminium bi-fold doors will provide just that.

How Many Panels Can There Be In a Bi-fold? Do They Have Limitations?

The minimum amount of bi-fold doors is two, and you can have up to eight and beyond. The more panels there are, the more likely you’ll need to cater extra room for another track. The more doors you have, the higher the overall cost too.

Limitations can be present in every project, but our expert FrameX team will always be on hand to help and provide solutions. If you have a unique requirement, contact us today, so you can reframe your project with FrameX. 

Max* measurements available:

  • Max Door Leaf Width 1000mm
  • Max Door Leaf Height 2616mm 
  • Max Outer Frame Width 6000mm
  • Max Outerframe Height 2700mm 
  • Max Weight Per Door Leaf 100Kg 

*For guidance only – for all queries and larger sizes, please contact our expert team.

How Long Are Bi-fold Lead Times?

From the moment you get a quote to the process of installation, we offer a 3 week+ lead time. This allows us to customise your bi-folds effectively and accurately whilst also making any amends along the way. Demand for aluminium products is at an all-time high, which is why we keep you updated every step of the way throughout your order process. This helps you keep clients and customers in the loop, managing expectations.

Our lead times and expertise enable us to help you meet project deadlines efficiently, stay within budget, and exceed expectations. We always provide a seamless experience so you can make accurate decisions and delight your clients.

Even if you have questions along the way, we’re always here to help, and we understand the importance of quick turnaround times. 

Some factors do need to be considered in regards to lead time as they may impact it: configuration, material and specifications. Rest assured, we’ll maintain excellent communication at every stage so you can provide updates to your clients and keep your project timelines coordinated. 

How Do I Get a Quote?

We offer a same-day quotation for all queries we receive at no extra cost. All you’ll need to do is fill in the project description on our quote query page (right-hand corner of our webpage), and then leave the rest to us.

Within 24 hours, we’ll have created an estimated quote based on the details supplied. We’ll always aim to provide the most accurate quote and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about your bi-fold doors from FrameX.

With every quote, we have the vision to provide exceptional results, excellent customer service, and expansion to any project.

How Much Will the FrameX Bi-fold Doors Cost?

The price of one bi-fold door project will differ from the next. However, our free quotation service will provide you with an estimate and enable you to make your judgement.

Keep in mind that some factors will impact the overall trade cost of your bi-fold doors. These include: specifications, material, configurations, thermal enhancement, size, colour or dual colourways, finishing touches and more.

Again, throughout every stage, we’ll always be transparent and honest, so you can outline the available budget, advise clients and decide accordingly. All of our prices also reflect the quality of our products, the expertise we provide and the customer service you receive.

What Guarantees Come With the FrameX Bi-fold Doors?

Although you’ll have the best intentions of completing a project with ease and error, things can crop up, and a manufacturing guarantee is essential. To give you and your clients peace of mind, we offer a 10-year warranty for all of our FrameX bi-fold doors.

Having a reliable warranty for your products will prove to be positive on the service you provide to clients as well as provide long-term loyalty benefits. However, the warranty you may receive may vary and be subject to specific terms, so always check with our expert team first.

What Colours Are Available for Bi-folds? What Customisations Are Available?

With every aluminium bi-fold door configuration, you’ll be able to choose from an extensive range of RAL colour options. You’ll be able to find the perfect selection for your project and create a bespoke outcome.

As well as a variety of colour options, we provide a variety of finishes and textures too, including metallic, textured or anodised finishes.

The possibilities are endless with our customisation options. You can customise the threshold, configuration, enhance the performance of your door with an additional polyurethane (PUR) thermal barrier, have singular or dual colourways and more. 

Aluminium bi-folds offer so many options. This will appeal to many clients searching for a bespoke and innovative outcome for their project. You’ll be able to uniquely design the doors in alignment with their expectations and bring a project and development to life.

What U-Value Do Bi-folds Provide? Are They Thermally Efficient?

Aluminium bi-fold doors provide incredible levels of thermal performance. However, our revolutionary suite of PURe® FOLD doors provides innovative and unbeatable levels of thermal efficiency. Above and beyond usual aluminium doors. 

PURe® FOLD doors utilise an additional thermal barrier manufactured from expanded polyurethane (PUR). This allows for ultra-low U values to be achieved (as low as 1.1 W/m2K). 

Are Bi-fold Doors Fitter Friendly?

Of course! All of our aluminium bi-fold doors are fitter friendly including easy gaskets.

As we’ve mentioned, we’re always here to provide guidance and answer any questions you have. So, you certainly won’t be left in the dark after dispatch.

What Configurations Are Available?

Bi-fold doors offer lots of flexibility that fit an array of spaces and offer exceptional performance. Our FrameX bi-fold doors can be customised and uniquely designed to fit almost any desired project. We aim to meet your standards so you can continue to delight clients and recruit new ones. As an estimate, here are some of the configurations we offer.

Expert configurations

  • Ali FOLD Single Door (Open out or open in)
  • Ali FOLD Double Door (Open out or open in)
  • Ali FOLD Folding SlidingDoor (Open out or open in)
  • Low Threshold Non Rebate (Open out or open in)
  • Floating Mullion option available
  • Heavy Duty option available
  • Thresholds options available

Are Bi-fold Doors Sustainable?

If your clients are looking for a sustainable supplier, look no further than FrameX.

All of our aluminium bi-fold doors are sustainable and 100% recyclable. We also aim to ensure we recycle all of the manufacturing offcuts too. 

As well as this, we’re continuously working hard to ensure we can do our bit for the environment and reduce the impact we’re creating as a manufacturer of high-quality aluminium doors.

We’re known for our industry-leading innovation, both for the exceptional products we create and our expert sustainability.

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After reading this, we hope we’ve managed to answer some of your questions. Do you still have queries that need answering? 

Choosing the correct bi-fold doors with the perfect configurations can be challenging. But with experts on hand to help, you’ll make the right decisions within budget and tight deadlines.

Are you ready to explore aluminium bi-fold doors in more detail? Come down to our showroom, and we’ll show you in person. We’re aluminium specialists providing exceptional quality, expert service and excellent execution. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Bi-Fold Doors: 3 Factors to Review When Buying as Supply

Bi-fold doors are timelessly stylish and come in an array of configurations, shapes, sizes, colours and more. When it comes to buying as supply, there are some crucial factors to consider. Quality, service, lead times, and value are all a priority and meeting these expectations has to be done accurately and carefully.

With the correct criteria, you’ll be able to strategically purchase the highest quality bi-folding doors for your project, allowing you to delight clients, meet expectations, and deliver exceptional results.

In this post, we’ve covered all the factors you need to consider when buying as supply, so you can ensure you’re purchasing the right bi-fold doors for your project.

We’ll cover: 

Lead Time Specifications

Lead times on bi-folding doors is a sizable priority. It’s the first factor to consider when choosing bi-folding doors as supply. The last thing you want is delayed lead times to prolong the process of completing a project. 

Lead times can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and many variables can impact the turnarounds. Longer lead times are traditionally expected – between six to eight weeks – and often even more. This can cause significant delays in project delivery, especially if amendments are required.

Projects should be finished timely, efficiently, and professionally – allowing you to move on to your next development. With a trusted and reliable supplier, you’ll be able to meet project timelines efficiently and correct any errors along the way, without compromising on time.

bifolding door threshold

Factors that impact lead time:

  • Manufacturer: every manufacturer is different. Machinery, facilities, profile stock, in-house stock, and more all have an impact on how the products are delivered
  • Material: again, this is all dependent on the manufacturer and supplier. However, aluminium usually takes longer to process than uPVC – because of the colours, fit, and specifications.
  • Configuration: bi-folding doors are typically made to order and aren’t sold from stock. The more complex and larger the configuration is, the longer lead time is expected.
  • Specifications: integral glass blinds, special colours, dual colours, and more will impact the lead time of the bi-folding doors. 

Choosing a manufacturer that’s an aluminium and uPVC specialist, will be able to be transparent and honest along your journey to purchasing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, set boundaries, and enquire about the points outlined above. A reliable manufacturer should be able to meet expectations effectively.

At FrameX, lead times start from 3 weeks, with free delivery within 100 miles, and a free quote on the same day. We’re aluminium experts and quality is at the forefront of everything we do. 

We’re honest with our customers and we have a no-nonsense approach to ensure your deadlines can be met, within budget – and without error.

The Factors That Impact the Cost

The pricing options of bi-fold doors will differ depending on the specifications, configurations, and supplier you choose. Ensuring your budgets are adhered to is a valuable factor to consider.

The pricing structure from a reputable manufacturer or trade supplier will reflect the quality of the product and the customer service you receive. Similarly to the lead time specifications, there are a few factors to consider that will impact the trade prices. It’s best to be aware of these when choosing a supplier, advising your clients, and outlining your available budget.

Specific Type

Bi-folding doors can be manufactured in three main materials: aluminium, uPVC, and wood. Each material offers different benefits – but aluminium is the best material for bi-fold doors, due to its durability and low maintenance factors.

Aluminium also has high levels of security; offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance; it won’t expand or contract in certain weather conditions; it’s eco-friendly – and so much more. Because of the multitude of benefits of aluminium, the price point is higher.

Communicating the benefits with your clients will be an important part of the decision making process. Each material offers different pros and cons, and it’s important to align them with your expectations and budget.

Door size and configuration

The larger the door size, the higher the price point. Bi-fold doors are made of multiple leaves or panels, the more components required, the increase in value and price point. 

The opening direction of your bi-folding is another factor to consider. Although this may seem like an obvious consideration, it can typically be forgotten. Which direction will your doors fold? Will it be left or right? Do you want a middle opening? And, do you need a traffic door? Don’t overlook this, as this will also contribute to the price and finished result.

Talking to an expert manufacturer will enable you to make the best decision on the size and configuration you might require for your bi-fold door. Once you have this information at your disposal, future projects will be easier to price up and better conversations can be had with your clients.

Thermal enhancement 

Although bi-folding doors already offer impressive thermal performance, thermal enhancement is also possible. As an example, the PURe® FOLD door range offers the same aesthetics, profiles, gaskets, hardware, and tooling as Ali FOLD, but they have an additional insulated barrier for enhanced thermal performance. 

The thermal enhancement is manufactured from expanded polyurethane (PUR), allowing ultra-low U values to be achieved. This addition does have a life expectancy of 40 years, but pricing will vary between the options available.

There are double or triple glazing options available too – up to 52mm. This again will maximise the thermal and acoustic performance of the bi-fold door. The higher the performance, the increased overall cost.


Depending on the supplier you choose, this will determine which colours are available. However, high-quality bi-folding doors come in an unlimited range of colours and finishes, both inside and out.

For singular colour options, you can choose from an extensive range of RAL colours. If you’re looking to have a dual colour, for example on the interior and exterior surfaces, you can choose from a range of colours and textures: metallic, textured or anodised finish. Customisation is possible to suit your project and client requirements.

Personalisation is so important for many clients. They want something bespoke and unique to their tastes – usually with budgets to enable this. Working with a manufacturer that has that choice to create something completely different will give you an edge to work with higher paying clients. 

However, certain colours and textures may increase costs. Your manufacturer should be honest and transparent about this from the get-go.

Finishing touches

The look and feel of the doors can be further accentuated with the additional choice of handles, hinges, letter plates, and locking systems. The small details make a big difference, so choosing the correct handle and threshold options is important.

Again, the finishing touches will impact the price at the end, but shouldn’t be overlooked when creating the perfect design.

bi-fold aluminium doors

Manufacturing Guarantee

Once you’ve considered all of the different factors that impact the price of a bi-fold door, it’s now time to inspect the manufacturer’s guarantee. Although many projects and installations go well, it’s important to thoroughly understand the specific terms and guarantees for bi-folding doors.

A warranty and manufacturer guarantee can give you and your client peace of mind. It’s usually an important part of the buying decision. This will positively impact the service you provide and offer long-term loyalty.

The warranty you get will differ between products, specifications, and manufacturers. Some items may be outsourced from other suppliers. As an example, some door handles may not be covered for the full guarantee, so always double-check.

A ten-year warranty is the level of cover most manufacturers provide across the industry. However, this may vary and be subject to specific terms, so always ask questions and check in more detail.

Need More Advice on Purchasing Bi-folding Doors? Explore Further Here

We hope this article has provided you with the additional information you need to make an informed choice about purchasing bi-fold doors.

There are many components to consider, but it’s crucial to note these down to ensure you get the most attractive bi-fold doors with exceptional performance guaranteed. 

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